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Title Speaker Sermon Series Date
A Spiritual Shield Pastor Paul Aug 21, 2016
Wait For It Pastor Lucas Forsthoff Aug 14, 2016
Barrier Busters Pastor Jef Jennings Aug 14, 2016
Worship Matters Part 2 Pastor Jef Jennings Aug 10, 2016
Overcoming Stress Pastor Tim Forsthoff Aug 07, 2016
Worship Matters Pastor Jef Jennings Aug 03, 2016
Action Pastor Lucas Forsthoff Jul 31, 2016
Cutting of a Covenant Pastor Steve Kazer Jul 31, 2016
Your Quiet Miracle Pastor Lucas Forsthoff Jul 24, 2016
Is It Okay For A Christian To Attend A Gay Wedding? Pastor Tim Forsthoff Jul 20, 2016