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Title Speaker Sermon Series Date
The Old Godly Way Pastor Tim Forsthoff David's Mighty Men Oct 14, 2009
Rachel's Stone Pastor Rhonda Forsthoff Sis-terns Oct 14, 2009
Strengthen and Encourage Your Faith Pastor Joel Stockstill Oct 11, 2009
Motivated by Love Pastor Jef Jennings The Book of Acts Oct 07, 2009
Act Your Wage Pastor Jacob and Hannah Ouellette Act Your Wage Oct 04, 2009
The Heart of a Man of God Pastor Tim Forsthoff The Book of Acts Sep 30, 2009
Stewardship or Ownership Pastor Tim Forsthoff Act Your Wage Sep 27, 2009
Ephesus: A Prevailing Church Pastor Tim Forsthoff The Book of Acts Sep 16, 2009
Preparing For Your Miracle Pastor Judy Burgio Sep 12, 2009
Surrendered in Spirit, Aggressive with Desire Pastor Judy Burgio Sep 11, 2009