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Title Speaker Date
Motivated by Love Pastor Jef Jennings Oct 07, 2009
Act Your Wage Pastor Jacob and Hannah Ouellette Oct 04, 2009
The Heart of a Man of God Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sep 30, 2009
Stewardship or Ownership Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sep 27, 2009
Ephesus: A Prevailing Church Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sep 16, 2009
Preparing For Your Miracle Pastor Judy Burgio Sep 12, 2009
Surrendered in Spirit, Aggressive with Desire Pastor Judy Burgio Sep 11, 2009
Rebekah's Pitcher Pastor Rhonda Forsthoff Sep 09, 2009
You Work Hard For Your Money Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sep 09, 2009
Freedom or Bondage Pastor Tim Forsthoff Sep 06, 2009
Do not be afraid - Keep on speaking - Do not be silent Pastor Steve Kazer Sep 02, 2009
The Law and the Believer Pastor Tim Forsthoff Aug 30, 2009
Three Cities - Three Responses Pastor Tim Forsthoff Aug 26, 2009
Grace Encounter Milan Klusacek Aug 23, 2009
Nothing More, Nothing Less, Nothing Else Pastor Jef Jennings Aug 23, 2009
Finding God's Guidance Pastor Jef Jennings Aug 19, 2009
Turning Your Valley Into Blessing Part III Pastor Tim Forsthoff Aug 16, 2009
Personal Growth Pastor Tim Forsthoff Aug 12, 2009
Turning Your Valley Into Blessing Part II Pastor Tim Forsthoff Aug 09, 2009
How Are We Saved? Pastor Steve Kazer Aug 05, 2009