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Title Speaker Date
Follow Me Pastor Tim Forsthoff May 24, 2009
The Final Exam Pastor Rick Clendenen May 20, 2009
A Bad Beginning but a Good Ending Pastor Edna Wagers May 20, 2009
From Misery to Ministry Pastor Ron Wagers May 19, 2009
Evidence of a God Encounter Pastor Rick Clendenen May 19, 2009
The Lion Roars and What Else Can Be Said? Pastor Edna Wagers May 18, 2009
The God Who Groans Pastor Ron Wagers May 18, 2009
Close Encounters of a God Kind Pastor Rick Clendenen May 17, 2009
The Appearances of Jesus Pastor Ron Wagers May 17, 2009
He's Got You Covered Pastor Edna Wagers May 17, 2009
Nevertheless Part I Pastor Rhonda Forsthoff May 13, 2009
Getting Ready for God Pastor Tim Forsthoff May 13, 2009
Mount of Transfiguration Pastor Tim Forsthoff May 10, 2009
When God Speaks Pastor Rhonda Forsthoff May 03, 2009
Have You Heard? Pastor Steve Kazer Apr 29, 2009
A Strategy For Your Tragedy Part 2 Pastor Tim Forsthoff Apr 26, 2009
Saul's Conversion - The Miracles of Relationships Pastor Tim Forsthoff Apr 22, 2009
A Strategy For Your Tragedy Pastor Tim Forsthoff Apr 19, 2009
The Samaritans Hear the Gospel Pastor Tim Forsthoff Apr 15, 2009
Real Freedom Pastor Tim Forsthoff Apr 12, 2009