Tim and Rhonda Forsthoff

Pastor Tim and Rhonda Forsthoff moved to Highland and became the senior pastors of Cornerstone Church in 1985 with the belief that people are designed to make a difference in this world and they can leave a worthy legacy long after you’re gone.

Together they are leading the church to meet the need in every person to connect with something greater than themselves and with other people. They believe Jesus invites us into a new reality called “The Kingdom of God.” It looks like ordinary people living out an extraordinary story together.

Cornerstone Church is a place where people are welcomed into this extraordinary story regardless of your background or life season. Pastors Tim and Rhonda believe people’s lives will be transformed by encountering the presence of Jesus. Most people drift through life with a sense of confusion, never experiencing the abundant, meaningful reality God intends them to have. That breaks their hearts.

Pastors Tim and Rhonda are both gifted with a ministry of teaching the Word of God. They have a passion to teach leadership and team building principles found in the Scriptures that further the work of God’s Kingdom. Their mission is to guide people in building a personal relationship with God so they will embrace the vision he has for their life.

Tim and Rhonda believe every person is created for a purpose, they are created for relationship, and created to be part of the Kingdom of God.