Day 32

The Mystery Revealed

Daniel 9:18 NLT

“O my God, listen to me and hear my request… we do not ask because we deserve help, but because you are so merciful.“


Think about the time in your life prior to your salvation. You were far from God. You lived a life “dead in trespasses and sin” (Eph. 2:1), but because of a darkened mind (Eph. 4:17) and a lack of spiritual revelation, you did not even know it.  During that time in your life, it was always God’s plan to save you. However, God’s plan was a mystery to you.  You had no idea what God already had in the works!

The same is true for the rest of the world.  Long ago, before Christ came down to earth, the Jewish people drew near to God through the law. The Gentiles were far from God and perished for lack of knowledge. Yet, in Ephesians chapter 3, through the Apostle Paul, God reveals that it was His plan from the beginning to save both Jews and Gentiles through Christ (v. 6). God kept this a secret from everyone, even the heavenly realms did not know. (v. 10)  God revealed and continues to reveal this mystery to the world through His church (v. 10). I find this very exciting, since I am part of the church! God can reveal this mystery through me? Yes, and through you too. The fact that God would give us such a great honor, reveals His exalted view of the church.  We are His beautiful spotless bride for which He gave His only son to make us so. (Eph. 5:27) 

Paul’s prayer for us in Ephesians 3 is for the enablement of the church (v. 14-21). We are enabled by the power of the Holy Spirit, to reveal the mystery to those around us.  As we are able to comprehend the love of Christ (v. 18-19) we are able to share it with those in our midst.  I still know and love people who are not saved.  The mystery has not been revealed to them yet. I have been praying for my lost brother and father-in-law for many years.  I long for God to reveal Himself to them. They do not read the Bible, so they will not gain this revelation from the scriptures.  So, this is my prayer,

“God, I have family who are lost. I ask you to save their souls. I pray it has been your plan from the beginning to save my family. Lord, please use me!  Enable me by the power of the Holy Spirit to reveal the plan of salvation in Christ to them.”

You have lost people in your life too.  Pray that the Lord will enable you! Pray that the Holy Spirit will use you to reveal the mystery to them. Pray that what is now a mystery, will become known.


“Our prayers have no expiration date. You never know when, where, or how God will answer.”